This big, lazy boy leaves pet hair EVERYWHERE!


It's an everyday problem when you have pets!

This is why we invented SwiPets - the only product that swipes away pet hair without having to wrestle with expensive sticky rollers or heavy vacuums!

SwiPets is the perfect solution that will make cleaning fun again without having to worry about the hair your pets leave behind. It works so well, you’ll WOW! yourself with the ease it takes to remove it all.

The SwiPets™ glove has a special coating and texture on the palm that is patent-pending. The formula and fabric create an electro-static charge, while ‘grabbing’ the pet hair and clumping it so you can simply pull it off and throw it away.





Your Solution to Unwanted Pet Hair Messes!

This is Tuna Luna - my 22 pound Maine Coon that leaves pet hair everywhere!

We love everything about him, but we don’t want his hair on our clothes, comforters or furniture and we don’t want to spend hours trying to clean it all.

And, if you're like us, you’re tired of finding tumble weeds of hair everywhere, rolling through your house, hiding in corners or sticking to all of your furniture and fabric.

 No sooner have you cleaned one area, when your dog or cat has decided to make its bed on another piece of furniture and leave their hair behind again!

It takes forever to clean and it’s almost impossible to remove from throws, edges of pillows, stairs and carpeting.



Nothing stops SwiPets from cleaning those messes!

It will even pick-up the dirt and dander that’s left behind.

When the glove becomes dirty, place it in the washer and use it over and over again. It’s just so simple you’ll be as amazed as we were when the formula was finally perfected and we could put it to use! It took two years to get it exactly right, but it was worth the wait.

The SwiPets™ glove removes hair left behind by cats, and medium and long-haired dogs!

 We’ve seen this glove pick it up: From Shepherds, Retrievers and Pomeranians to Bernese Mountain dogs, it works!


   Dog Bed BEFORE                                                                Dog Bed AFTER Using SwiPets

We introduced SwiPets at the March 2014 Global Pet Expo Show in Orlando, Fl. and it was one of the biggest hits of the show! From the USA to countries around the world, the SwiPets gloves are making their way into homes everywhere because they WORK!

What’s really great about the SwiPets™ glove is that it’s so easy to use. Simply pull the glove on over your hand so it fits snug, and then rub your hand on the surface in a circular motion to pick up pet hair. Toss the hair (and cleaning nightmares) AWAY!

When the glove gets dirty with dander or begins to lose its tackiness, just throw it in the washer, let it air dry, and it's ready to use again and again.




What Makes the SwiPets Gloves so GREAT?

  • They’re Machine washable!
  • Removes pet hair from hard-to-reach areas like cushions, stairs and carpeting
  • Special coating on the fingertips means you can get into tight spots and pull pet hair from cracks and crevices where it collects over time
  • No ongoing expenses to replace sticky rollers and products that don’t work
  • Reduces allergens in your home by removing dirt and dander
  • Works on cats, and medium –to- long haired dogs


 Our Promise to You! guarantee-bug-prod.jpg

We know you’re going to love this product and our guarantee stands behind our product to make your purchase risk-free. If for any reason the gloves you purchase are not to your complete satisfaction, simply return them for a refund within 30 days of purchase. It’s that simple!